Starbucks Reveals New Logo

The Story

Starbucks has a new logo, its fourth in the company's 40-year history.  The logo drops the name and reflects a simplified design. 

Starbucks' new logo

Discussion Starters

  • How do you like the new logo compared with the previous logos? 
  • Read a post by CEO Schultz about the change.  What does he say are the reasons for the new logo?  What other reasons could the company have?
  • In what way does the logo accomplish its purpose?  How does it miss?  Watch the video, below, about the logo.  Evaluate this video according to principles in the book about oral presentations.  What works well, and what would you have changed?

Video source.

 Assignment Ideas

  • Imagine that you work for Starbucks as a graphic designer.  Create a presentation template in PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Docs Presentations.  If you're using slides, include at least a title slide, master slide, and one page for the main slides that shows off the new logo. 
  • Create a handout that explains the new logo.  Imagine that you're giving a presentation to store managers to explain the change.  You'll give the managers the handout at the end of your presentation to them.