Jets Coach Rex Ryan, "Great Orator"

The Story

The New York Times reports that Rex Ryan, coach for the Jets, is lauded by the team as a "great orator -- part general, part politician, part football coach, a toastmaster at heart." 

WARNING: LOTS OF CURSING! This video isn't for everyone.

Video source.

Discussion Starters

  • After watching one of Ryan's speeches, do you agree with the assessment that he is a great orator?  Why or why not? 
  • What was the most inspiring speech you have heard?  What did the speaker do or say to motivate you?  In what ways was the speech meaningful for you?

Assignment Ideas

  • Watch one of Ryan's speeches.  What from his approach -- other than the cursing! -- could you incorporate into your business presentations?  Identify 3-5 aspects that could work in more professional speeches. 
  • Imagine that you're trying to motivate a team of athletes to win an important game.  Identify a scenario (the sport and why the win is important), and then prepare your extemporaneous speech by writing an outline.  Deliver your speech to the class.  After the speech, discuss how you could include some aspects of a motivational speech for athletes into your business presentations.