Fewer Men Wear Suits

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Mens’ wardrobes are getting more casual, with khakis, sports jackets, jeans, and even stretch fabrics more the norm. Retailers like Jos. A. Banks and Tailored Brands are struggling to keep up. A Wall Street Journal article quotes the chairman of Tailored Brands

We have just not kept pace with an evolving customer,” Tailored Brands Chairman Dinesh Lathi told analysts earlier this month, adding that the company was in the “earliest stages” of trying to find the right balance between suits and more casual attire.

With diversity increasingly valued at work, people want to express themselves, and employers are giving them permission to do so.

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  • How do clothes reflect your authenticity—who you are?

  • What would you wear to an interview with a company where people regularly wear jeans?

  • Should retailers have been smarter about predicting customer preferences, or is this trend too difficult to assess?