Defense for Rudeness: "I'm French"


A waiter in at Milestones Bar + Grill in Vancouver, British Columbia, was fired for being rude. Guillaume Rey doesn't argue the point, but he has filed a lawsuit claiming his termination is discriminatory.

As part of the suit against the parent company, Rey said the decision was "discrimination against my culture," which “tends to be more direct and expressive." On the other hand, Rey signed documentation with the restaurant that states, “intentionally speaking to a Guest or Associate in a rude or unfriendly manner" may be cause for termination.

The restaurant tried to get the case dismissed but failed. A judge explains the ruling:

Given that there is at least some evidence supporting an inference that Mr. Rey’s ancestry was a factor in the termination, and given how little other information I have about what happened, I cannot find that the Restaurant has met its burden on this application. 


  • Read the court's findings. What were the restaurant's arguments? What are Rey's arguments?
  • Do you agree with the judge's decision at this point? Why or why not?
  • How does this situation demonstrate humility or a lack of humility?