Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials

The Washington Post published its list of best and worst commercials in the 2018 Super Bowl. As usual, all ads were heavy on humor and other forms of emotional appeal.

The most popular ad seems to be "It's a Tide Ad," which pokes fun at Super Bowl ads for beer, jewelry, cars, and so on.

"Alexa Loses Her Voice" was also popular. Alexa is sick (with the flu?), and replacement Alexas don't live up to her standards, failing to give directions, set the mood appropriately, and play country music.

In the Post's worst list is a Dodge Ram ad that used a Martin Luther King quote. The company confirmed that it worked with his estate for the appropriate approvals, but not everyone thinks it's wise to use MLK's words to sell cars.


  • Which were your most and favorite Super Bowl commercials? On what do you base your assessment?
  • What's your view of the Dodge Ram ad?