#MeToo Campaign

Temp 2Women in every industry are showing empathy and compassion to those who have suffered from sexual harassment and assault. After exposure of Harvey Weinstein's years of sexual harassment, women are coming forward on social media to say they, too, have been victims.

Social media connects people, but often those connections are negative, with online bullying and harassment getting the most attention. Now people are showing their vulnerability and coming together in solidarity to stop what many believe is a pervasive practice.

The latest women to admit their experience are in the U.S. Senate, including Senators Claire McCaskill and Mazie Hirono.  Temp 2

A writer The Washington Post commends women who speak out, but she warns that not everyone has to:

Plenty of people talk about how brave it is to speak out, and they're right. It is brave to speak out, but that doesn't make you a coward if you don't.

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  • What is empathy, and how does it differ from compassion?
  • How is the hashtag #MeToo helpful?
  • To what extent do you agree with the Washington Post writer's view? Read her entire article first.