Harvey Weinstein Apologizes for Sexual Harassment

TempRevered Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment, and he has apologized. A New York Times article cites "decades" of sexual harassment, including regular reports of women seeing Weinstein partially or fully naked. Women also report being asked for massages and other sexual activities, but few reported them at the same.

He submitted a written apology that meets many of the criteria for a good apology, yet a reporter on The Daily described a different conversation with Weinstein. She indicated that, over the phone, Weinstein's response was more "complicated." She says that he denied some aspects of the accusations, and indeed, his attorney has said, "he denies many of the accusations as patently false."

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  • Read the NY Times article. How credible do you find the women's reports? Which are more credible than others?
  • To what extent do you find Weinstein's written statement credible? How would you explain some of the contradictions between the statement and the quotations from him and his lawyer? 
  • In part, Weinstein describes another time, when his behavior was considered acceptable. (Think Mad Men.) Do you buy this argument? Why or why not?