No, It's Not 'OK to Throw Rocks at Girls'

Spicer GreenSpicer Green Jewelers has apologized for a billboard that some think condones violence against women. The store in Asheville, NC, responded to the controversy in a TV interview and a social media post.

In the interview, one of the owners said, "We are truly sorry that it offended anybody. That was certainly not our intention." Supporters on social media say the ad is funny and that others are over-reacting.

Spicer apologyIn the Facebook post, the jewelers further explained the apology. A CNN article mentions that the company committed 10% of last week's sales to a local domestic violence organization.


  • How well did the owners handle the situation in the TV interview and in the Facebook post?
  • The decision to donate 10% of sales for a week seemed to come later. What's your view of this: a nice thing to do, an insignificant gesture, or something else?