Are Verizon and T-Mobile Going Too Far on Twitter?

Verizon and T-MobileT-Mobile's sex-themed commercial continued on Twitter with the company trading barbs with Verizon, the ad target. Actress Kristen Schaal stars in the ad and seemed to enjoy being "punished" by Verizon for going over her data plan.

Some thought the ad was cute, but the tweets seemed to get out of hand. A Mashable article sums it up well: "It was all pretty creepy coming from the marketing departments of two of America's biggest telecoms. And most Twitter users were not having it."  Tweets encouraged the companies to end it: 

  • "K guys. This has OFFICIALLY gone too far."
  • "50 Shades of Don't"

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is known for some outlandish behavior. A CNBC article this month calls his behavior "authentic," for example using the "f-bomb," and Legere explains why he is the way he is:

"The trick for me is, I really believe that I act, behave, and speak the same way my customers do. I say what they think on behalf of them. If you look, most of my colorful nature and antics is to drive change that benefits customers."


  • Do you find the commercial itself funny?
  • What's your view of the ongoing exchange between Verizon and T-Mobile? In this case, was it worth the risk of offending?