Comms About the LIRR Accident

LIRR siteA Long Island Rail Road train derailed at the Atlantic station in Brooklyn, leaving 76 commuters injured. I never expect much from MTA communications: the last few train problems resulted in a flurry of scheduling messages but little in the way of empathy. This time seems no different. LIRR

A notice on the LIRR website and one tweet warn us to "anticipate possible delays," but subsequent tweets offer no other information or apology. A news conference, so far, is not to be found, but it's still early.

When the MTA has expressed empathy, it has taken a while, so we may see something later, and I'll update this post.


  • As a priority, customers do need to know about delays, but why does the human stuff take so long for the MTA?
  • Why is humanity important in these types of situations?
  • Draft a few tweets and website updates. What could the organization say at this point?