Judgments People Make Within Seconds

8 JudgmentsBusiness Insider tells us about eight judgments people make right after meeting you:

  • If you're trustworthy
  • If you're high status (based on clothing)
  • If you're straight or gay
  • If you're smart (based on eye contact, expressive speaking, and eye glasses)
  • If you're promiscuous (based on tattoos)
  • If you have a dominant personality (based on having a bald head)
  • If you're successful (based on a man's suit)
  • If you're adventurous (based on how you walk)

Business Insider identifies research institutions, but we don't see citations for further study. Each judgment seems to be based on one study, so I would be wary about drawing too many conclusions. Yet, we have plenty of research about quick impressions, particularly during job interviews.


  • How are quick judgments helpful and harmful? They do serve a purpose, but what are the dangers?
  • How does knowing about this research help you personally and professionally? For example, if you know that you make judgments with little information-knowingly or unknowingly-how can you ward against them?