Resumes for Inexperienced Applicants

Business Insider recommends good advice for students and others with little work experience. For a resume, this video suggests focusing on accomplishments and highlighting social media skills, which could be coveted by employers.

Resume advice

But other advice may be outdated or inappropriate. For example, including a goal or objective at the top of your resume may not be necessary your interest is clear on your cover letter or if you're applying for a job through your school's on-campus recruiting program. In both cases, the job you want is obvious.

Career website The Muse goes further, suggesting an objective only when you're making a major career change-not for students, as Business Insider suggests, and Cleverism recommends the same.


  • Which advice in the video do you find most and least helpful? What, if anything, contradicts what you have learned in the past?
  • What other advice would you give to a high school student creating his or her first resume?