Catchy "Save Our Snowmen" Campaign

The organization Cool Effect has a clever ad campaign, including a full-page in this Sunday's New York Times calling for a "Global Snowman Sanctuary."


In a video, Cool Effect takes a fun approach to bringing attention to climate change. The organization is using crowdfunding to support projects that reduce carbon emissions. A summary on the video explains:

More than 4,000 species of snowmen are threatened every year by climate change. In 2016 alone, large Avalanches of snowmen have been seen migrating thousands of miles away from their yards of origin to colder climates. With safe havens like The Global Snowman Sanctuary few and far between, we need your help to provide a cold shelter from the excruciating warmth. The planet can't wait and neither can they.

In an interview with the Yale Climate Connections group, Cool Effect CEO Marisa de Belloy said, "One differentiator from existing climate change conversation is our method of communication."

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your reaction to the group's communication? How is it different from other climate change initiatives?
  • What are the potential risks of this approach? Consider a few downsides and how the strategy might backfire.