Acceptance and Concession Speeches

After a surprise Donald Trump presidential victory, the future president and Secretary Clinton gave their respective speeches. Both candidates were respectful to the other, with Trump complimenting Clinton on a hard-fought campaign, and Clinton encouraging people to support Trump as our new president.

Clinton's concession speech asked people to give Trump a chance to lead. She said she hoped he would be "a successful president for all Americans."

Discussion Starters:

  • To introduce Trump's speech, future Vice President Mike Pence said, "This is a historic night." It is: this is the first U.S. president who has had neither military nor government experience. Besides Trump's background, what else makes this election victory "historic"?
  • Assess Trump and Clinton's delivery skills. Understandably, they are both tired! What other observations do you have?
  • Both Trump and Clinton were, shall we say, political in their comments. Which parts are least believable?