Iowa State President Used University Plan for Personal Trips

Iowa State LeathIowa State President Steven Leath apologized to the university student government for using the school's airplane for personal reasons. Although university administrators said it wasn't true, an Associated Press investigation found that he used the plan to travel to his mountain home in North Carolina, take fundraising trips with a celebrity bowhunter, and send family to NCAA games. The plane was damaged during a landing, and Leath paid $15,000 to cover the expenses. Some reports say Leath traveled with his wife and others for personal reasons on the school's larger plane as well.

Leath told the student government, "I'll be different. We will be very mindful of what we do going forward. I've learned my lesson." The student newspaper also reported an interview with Leath: "I regret all of this," he said. "I don't like to bring any negative image to the university. The fact that there has been all kinds of articles written about this makes me sad."

The news got out when Leath's trips were inadvertently posted on the school's website. They have since been taken down. 

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Discussion Starters:

  • Leath maintains that he didn't violate school policy. Read the school newspaper report and discuss your opinion.
  • Leath did reimburse the university for some of the travel. What else, if anything, should Leath do?
  • What should the university trustees do?