News Conference About the NJ Train Crash

One person was killed and 108 were injured when a train crashed in Hoboken, NJ. What caused the crash is still unclear, and NJ Governor Chris Christie promised an investigation: "We have no indication that this is anything other than a tragic accident but ... we're going to let the law enforcement professionals pursue the facts."

Christie gave a news conference with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, calling the incident "obviously an extraordinary tragedy." He said it was too early to guess what happened.

  • Analyze Christie's delivery skills at the beginning of the press conference. What principles from Chapter 11 does he use?
  • Next analyze Cuomo's delivery skills. What similarities and differences do you notice?
  • How well do the governors respond to questions? Which were the most difficult to address?
  • This isn't the first train crash in the area. Research other recent events and how officials handled those situations.