Wells Fargo Apologizes for Ads Targeting Teens

Wells Fargo adWells Fargo made the news twice this week. In addition to a big settlement for creating fake accounts, the company has apologized for an ad targeting teens.

Several actors and other artists have expressed their disappointment in the company's promoting science over the arts. The Irregular Times was one of many critics of the company's campaign:

Wells Fargo will teach teens that the path to financial prosperity just so happens to come through the financial services offered by Wells Fargo itself. That's no coincidence. Teen Financial Education Day is really just a sales gimmick, at which Wells Fargo will teach the children of working Americans that they can't have the privilege of careers in the arts.

Wells Fargo posted an apology on Twitter.

Wells Fargo ad apology
Discussion Starters:

  • A Forbes article reminds us that science isn't something you just do; it's good to have "talent and ability" for the field. How do you see this factoring into the ad's logical failure?
  • The Forbes writer also insults the "marketing guru" who developed the ad campaign. What's your view? Should the company have known better, or is this a good attempt to advertise to teens, even if the results were appreciated?