Critics of Under Armour's Decision to Cancel a Sponsorship

Bowmar huntingUnder Armour has cancelled its relationship with hunter Sarah Bowmar after reports that her husband, Josh, speared a bear and bragged about it. The Human Society called the spearing "giddy and ruthless." 

Although spear hunting is legal, some believe it is inhumane. An Under Armour spokesperson said, "The method used to harvest this animal was reckless and we do not condone it."

According to a Reuters report, Josh Bowmar defended the practice as a quicker, more humane cause of death than bullets or arrows.

On Instagram, Sarah Bowmar expressed her disappointment:

"I love and care about all of you and wanted to let you know that due to recent circumstances and media attention of a LEGAL hunt, @underarmour and @uahunt have terminated their relationship with us due to international social pressure from anti hunters. It really breaks my heart, we lived and breathed the brand for years and gave them everything that we had. We will never speak ill of the company. Just wanted to let everything know our current situation and how heartbroken we are when we did nothing wrong. Receiving that phone call was one of the hardest things I've ever went through. Don't be silent in this. If this bothers you- please reach out to UA and let them know."

This may be a lose-lose situation for Under Armour. Now, people are petitioning for the company to reinstate her contract.

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Discussion Starters:

  • Did Under Armour make the right decision in cancelling Bowmar's contract? Read more about the public reaction. Should the company reinstate her now?
  • How well did Under Armour communicate the decision? Other than the short statement, I don't see any posting on Twitter from the company or its affiliate, @UAHUNT. Should they post something, or let it go?