Lyft's First TV Commercial

With a bit of assonance and a lot of humor, Lyft creates its first television ad. The tagline is, "Riding is the new driving," and it shows all the discomforts and inconveniences of driving: traffic, accidents, and getting a ticket. 

Lyft's creative director, Jesse McMillin told AdWeek,

"Obviously as we grow and continue to evolve as a brand, we want to make sure we're constantly pushing ourselves to have a vibe and aesthetic that feels professional and cool. But in doing that, we also want to make sure we stay true to the roots of the company. That's really what informs us more than what any of our competitors are doing."

In a second video, Lyft's executives describe the approach of the ad to convey the main point: ride-sharing is the better choice. 

Lyft has had fun with other YouTube videos. Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice picks up a few people and chats them up, but he says, "I'm not really into sports." Before he reveals his true identity, he stops the car to stretch, take a nap, and dance with a few people. Racecar driver Danica Patrick also makes an appearance as a Lyft driver-a fast one. 

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of the commercial? Do you find it as entertaining as the Lyft executives intended? 
  • What makes the commercial memorable?