Clinton's "Abuela" Campaign Isn't Working Well

Clinton AbuelaAs of now, Hillary Clinton faces two Latino Republican adversaries: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Of course, both are behind Trump in the polls, but anything can happen. PewResearchCenter reports more than 25 million eligible Latino voters, and Clinton is trying to reach them. 

A post on her campaign site is titled, "7 Things Hillary Clinton Has in Common with Your Abuela." The list includes worrying about children, knowing what's best, and highlighting accomplishments.

Clinton is a new grandmother, so the analogy may be fitting, but the post, sprinkled with Spanish words like "Respecto" and memes, is called "Hispandering" by some of the people she's trying to attract. In response, #NotMyAbuela began trending on Twitter.


The post isn't in Clinton's usual style, and maybe it's sloppy: the URL title says "8 ways," but somehow, only seven made it to the list.

Discussion Starters:

  • Did Clinton misstep with this campaign? Should she do anything in response?
  • What should she do to reach Latino voters? Is it hopeless?