LinkedIn's First TV Ad

We'll see the first LinkedIn TV ad during this year's Oscars. The company decided to use a space theme for the commercial partly because of a successful NASA recruiting campaign on the platform. "We saw the astronaut as a universal symbol of the dream job and anchoring the campaign around that story would bring it to life," said Nick Bartle, vice president of marketing. With The Martian receiving nominations for best picture and best lead actor, the ad fits the awards ceremony well. 

Bartle also explained the company's hope in producing the ad:

 "'You're Closer Than You Think' is LinkedIn's first-ever integrated marketing campaign and TV spot that's inspired by LinkedIn's vision to create economic opportunity for the global workforce. We want this to permeate in everything we do, including helping our members find jobs, learn from influential people, build their professional brand and connect with people who can make a difference in their path."

The voice over, LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner, personalizes the ad with a story about his father. 

Discussion Starters: 

  • Why do you think LinkedIn waited until now to produce a TV ad? 
  • What's your view of the ad? Is this the right audience, and do you find it effective?