Yelp Manages Open Letter from Employee

Yelp StoppelmanYelp is in the news for an employee's angry "open letter" about pay. She describes how she's suffering financially and blames the company for not paying a living wage.  

The company issued this statement to Business Insider:

We do not comment on personnel issues. However, we did agree with many of the points in Ms. Jane's post and we viewed it as her real, personal narrative about what it's like to live in the Bay Area. Most importantly, it's an important example of freedom of speech.

We agree with her comments about the high costs of living in San Francisco, which is why we announced in December that we are expanding our Eat24 customer support team into our Phoenix office where will pay the same wage.

Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman also responded on Twitter, shown here. As you see from tweet 3/5, the employee was fired, which didn't inspire goodwill.  

The employee continued tweeting after her termination.

Discussion Starters:

  • Should the employee have voiced her concerns in a different medium? Consider her goal, the ethics, and the result.
  • Read the employee's letter. How well does she convey her argument?
  • How well did Yelp handle the situation? What, if anything, should the company have done differently?