Reese's Handles Criticism Well

Reese'sSeveral tweets showed some questionable-looking Reese's trees. In addition to this example, people wrote, "I feel deceived," and "Does this look like a Christmas tree to you??"

These photos do look more like shapeless blobs than tress.

In response, Reese's shifted the focus with a funny play on appearance. In a second post, Reese's showed four trees with the same slogan; however, all of these examples are more, may I say, shapely than the ones posted by consumers. 

Inquisitr called the response "epic."

People are fussy. Critics said Starbucks' polar bear cookies look as though their throats have been cut.

Reese's 2

Discussion Starters: 

  • What are other ways the company could have responded to the criticism? What are the advantages and downsides of other approaches? 
  • The response worked well, but I could see further criticism because the Resee's example don't quite match what people are finding. Could the campaign have backfired?