Radisson Blu Responds to the Terror Attacks

Radisson Blu (@RadissonBlu) _ TwitterA terrorist attack at the Radisson Blu in Mali resulted in 27 deaths, and the company is responding to the news. 

Radisson Blu's website features a large message: "Remember our guests and colleagues in Bamako." The message links to a statement and video from Wolfgang Neumann, president and CEO of The Rezidor Hotel Group (on behalf of the Carlson Rezidor Group).  

In his video message, Neumann expresses condolences and appreciation. He also explains support services and provides a telephone line for people needing support and information. 

On the day of the attack, the Rezidor website showed a statement saying the company was "closely following" the situation. Neumann created another video emphasizing safety and security.

Radisson Blu has been active on Twitter, providing peridic updates and links to statements and videos.  


Discussion Starters: 

  • Assess Neumann's video statements. As always, we have to empathize with his position during this difficult time. Still, if you were his media advisor, what strengths and suggestions would you identify? 
  • How do you assess company communications so far? What are the Radisson Blu and Rezidor doing well?