More Marriott + Starwood Communications

Marriott and Starwood clearly have coordinated communications to loyalty program members and employees. Three days after the news that Marriott is buying Starwood, Marriott Rewards Members received an email. A similar message was posted on Starwood's homepage for Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG members) on the day of the announcement. At the end of the Marriott message, which you can see here, is a LOT of boilerplate.

Marriott Rewards Email

Messages to employees are also similar. Starwood sent an email to employees from Sorenson to express his enthusiasm, welcome-and some empathy:

 "I know it's strange that we will go from competitors to teammates.  I believe strongly that we share similar goals and our partnership will be a natural one.

"You may already know a fair amount about our company, but I want to be sure that you know that the well-being of associates has been and will always be our first priority."

Both emails included a video of Sorenson and Bill Marriott. From what I hear from employees in the United States and Europe, they heard the news before it became public, which of course, is best.

Discussion Starters:

  • Why would SPG members receive information three days earlier than Marriott Rewards members?
  • One Chinese employee says she didn't receive an email about the news, only the rewards email. How do you think this disconnect happened?
  • How do you explain all of the boilerplate at the bottom of the Marriott Rewards email?