Pope Apologizes for...What?

Pope Francis has issued an apology, but critics want to know what it's for. He asks for forgiveness for "the scandals that have occurred recently both in Rome and at the Vatican."

A Reuters article says the apology is "an apparent reference to two cases of priests and gay sex revealed this month during a major meeting of bishops." The article also indicates, "The pope also appeared to be referring to a scandal exposed in the Italian media last week about an order of priests who run a parish in a well-to-do neighborhood in Rome." 

But for some, the apology isn't clear enough. The outreach director for the organization Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) expressed her frustration:

"Instead of stopping clergy sex scandals, Pope Francis is again asking forgiveness for them. That may be good public relations but it's irresponsible leadership."

This isn't the first broad apology. In 2000, John Paul II made what The Guardian called "a sweeping apology for 2,000 years of violence, persecution and blunders." 

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of the pope's apology? Is it enough? 
  • If the pope were to be more specific, what could he say?