VW Still Lagging in Customer Communication

Although Volkswagen set up a hashtag on Twitter, #VWCares, the company isn't responding to many tweets. VW also set up a new website, VWDieselInfo.com, but provides no new information since Monday; the same Michael Horn video, FAQs, and Statements are listed. 

The tweet replies for #VWCares sound sincere, but I see only one response since Sept. 29.


A friend sent an email to the company via the website and received, a week later, this generic reply:

VW response

The response is strange: it's asking for feedback, but I'm confident that my friend already gave sufficient information.  

Discussion Starters:

  • What's the company view on this? Consider how the team may be inundated with customer requests. 
  • Still, what can they do to address concerns? What do you think is reasonable to expect at this point?