KU Must Reinstate Student Who Posted Derogatory Tweets

UK logoThe University of Kansas lost a lawsuit after expelling a student for posting derogatory tweets about his girlfriend. According to the court decision, the university's code of conduct applies only to tweets posted while a student is on campus. Without clear evidence, Navid Yeasin should not have been expelled: he could have tweeted while off campus. 

Although the university argued that off-campus harassment can create a hostile on-campus environment, the court disagreed: 

"It seems obvious that the only environment the university can control is on campus or at university-sponsored or supervised events. After all, the university is not an agency of law enforcement but is rather an institution of learning."

An attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) supported the decision: 

"To police stuff that doesn't have any connection with the university is a waste of resources. And to police speech - no matter how (offensive) that speech is - is a waste of resources. KU needs to focus on real sexual assault on campus."

Discussion Starters: 
  • What's your view of the court's decision? 
  • Should UK make a statement at this point? What would the university say, whether or not it decides to appeal?