Questions About Facebook's Dislike Button

DislikeFacebook is introducing a "dislike" button, and people are wondering how it will be used. During a Q&A session, CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg explained that the button will express empathy. He said people have requested this since 2009 as an alternative to liking something sad, such as a death announcement, which seems odd or insensitive.

Others worry that the button will bring more negativity to social media. A ZDNet article warns that it could be used for trolling or bullying. The article describes the data the new button will reveal for marketers. It seems that the dislike button will have commercial value in addition to the social value Zuckerberg describes.

Although the button seems easy to implement, Zuckerberg said it's "surprisingly complicated" and is in testing now. 

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Discussion Starters: 

  • How could people misuse the dislike button? What are the chances this will happen? 
  • For what posts would you use the button? 
  • If people have been asking for the button since 2009, as Zuckerberg says, why do you think Facebook waited this long to implement it?