Video Interviews on the Rise

According to a Futurestep (Korn Ferry) survey, more companies are interviewing candidates via video, and they are reporting good results. Of the 700 companies surveyed, 75% use video to interview leading candidates, and 50% use it to narrow down the pool. Respondents say video has the following benefits:

  • Less time for candidates and hiring managers
  • Less travel expense
  • Faster process

A representative at Novartis reported, "We have had some impressive results. In the past year, 2,700 video interviews have taken place with a cost-avoidance savings of $475,000 and a reduction in manager interview travel by 220 trips."

Companies are also using set questions for candidates to respond to by video. About 25% are using this method, and another 24% have "employee testimonials or messages from recruiting managers" on their websites.

A representative at Futurestep summed up the value of video on a company's career webpage: "Day-in-the-life videos with real employees can showcase a particular job function or office location. Also, welcome videos from the CEO or hiring managers are easy, inexpensive and effective ways to personalize the job seeker's experience and communicate an organization's employer brand." Deloitte has been including videos for some time, as shown here.


Discussion Starters:

  • Some of the benefits seem to focus on organizational fit. How does video contribute to this determination about a candidate and company?
  • What do you see as the potential dangers of using video for interviews? What could get lost?
  • Have you experienced a video interview? How did it go?