Marriott Hires Comedian for Video Campaign

Marriott is encouraging guests to book directly with the hotel rather than through third-party sites. In a video campaign, YouTube comedian Grace Helbig tells viewers to book on to "get the best rates right there. It pays to book direct."  

The hashtag #ItPaysToBookDirect is getting some attention. One video was favorited on Twitter more than 800 times. 

A USA Today Road Warriors article identifies six reasons to book online. The best reason is to avoid rouge booking sites that inflate prices and don't guarantee a room. Guests who book directly also may get a better room and better service.

Critics say Helbig is adding a "kinda-sorta-a-little-bit funny dose of humor" to the ads. She is, after all, a YouTube celebrity, whatever that means. 

Discussion Starters: 

  • The grammar bugs me. The campaign needs the adverb directly (book directly). I realize the standards are different for marketing. Am I just being picky?
  • What's your view of the online video campaign? Do you find the ads funny? Will they encourage people to book on