Email Still Prevails

New evidence shows the continued prevalence of email in the workplace. Its demise has been predicted over time, particularly with the increase of social media. But three examples this week tell us otherwise: 

  • Eighty-one percent of respondents in a Social Journalism Study by Cision prefer email for story pitches. Thirty percent preferred the phone, and 24% preferred social media. (Respondents could choose multiple methods.) 
  • A video, "Email in Real Life," is making the Internet rounds. "A Conference Call in Real Life" was popular a couple of months ago, and this video follows the same corporate humor. 

  • Complaints about email persist. A TechCrunch article, "It's All Your Fault Email Is Broken," denies help from programs and instead blames us, the user. The author cites a GFI Software study, which found that 55% of people check email after 11 p.m., 59% check email on vacation, and 76% respond to emails within an hour. A New York Times article tells us to "Stop Checking Email So Often." 

Discussion Starters: 

  • The GFI study asked people whether email is a blessing or a curse. Ninety-percent said it was a blessing. What do you think? How would you answer the other questions
  • How long will email persist in organizations? With so many other tools available, why has it been the default communication for so long?