Fresh Hashtag Fails

It's been a while since someone has ventured into a Twitter hashtag and it backfired. This week, Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James and presidential hopeful Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal fell victim to snarky tweets.

From her hashtag #AskELJames, James caught nasty questions about her writing style:

  • "Do you get paid per adjective?"
  • "Have you ever held a dictionary?"
  • "Did you ever consider using a thesaurus, or did that sound too much like hard work?"

Governor Jindal tried the #AskBobby but got similar poor results. People questioned his record and his success as a governor.


Discussion Starters:

  • Research a few successful hashtags. What is the difference between these and those that fail?
  • If you were running for office, would you try this approach? If so, how?