NY Governor Responds to Prison Break

Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the hot seat responding to a prison break in Upstate New York. Two convicted murderers obtained power tools and escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY. 

A New York Times article says Cuomo sees the situation as a political "opportunity": 

"Mr. Cuomo canceled a trip to the Belmont Stakes on Saturday so he could rush to the prison. In photos shared over social media, he peered into jail cells and climbed metal ladders in the belly of the 19th-century penitentiary.

"Television anchors invited Mr. Cuomo to narrate photographs and video of his visit to the prison and pressed him to sketch out the latest theories as to how the escape unfolded."

The end of this video shows Governor Cuomo touring the facility. 

At a news conference, after officials describe the escape, Governor Cuomo confirmed what was said and asked for help from New Yorkers to find the convicts.  

The Governor has the news and this photo under the "Pressroom" section of his website.

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Discussion Starters: 

  • How well did the three men do in the news conference? As a member of public, did you get the information you need? 
  • Assess Governor Cuomo's part. What value did he add to the conference? 
  • How well did the men answer the questions (which are difficult to hear)? Pay particular attention to word choice and tone. When the Governor added on a response, was it valuable information?