Restaurant Owner Slams Guest Who Wrote a Bad Review

It's not the first time, and it won't be the last. The owner of LA restaurant Sunset Terrace Restaurant & Bar didn't like a review and told all of us about it. 

The original post was from June 2014, but Tyrone only recently replied. 

Sunset Review

The owner's response (read at your own risk!) referred to the guest as "ignorant, disgusting, miserable" and said "The world will be a little bit better of place once you no longer a part of it. [sic]."  

After the predictable backlash, the owner posted a long response on his Facebook page. The first three paragraphs are below: 

After all the interest in my admittedly vulgar Facebook post (which I intended to send to Brooke privately)

I think I should give an explanation as to how I came to choose such Spicy language towards her.

Below is the account of what actually happened according to the three (3) witnesses I spoke with immediately after the incident. (A customer who frequents Sunset Terrace several times a week, an off duty employee having lunch and my employee working at the time Crystal)

 Discussion Starters: 

  • When you read Tyrone's entire Facebook post, you learn that the guest had insulted one of his employees. Does this justify initial response? 
  • How would you advise owners to handle negative reviews, keeping in mind that the guest may always be right-but not always fair or pleasant?