Email Marketing for Millennials

EmailmarketingA Marketing Land article provides good justification for marketing to Millennials via email. Going against earlier advice to put dollars in social media, a  NextWeb article quotes a marketing director:

"If you look at Facebook and Twitter today, they are very different than they were years back. In addition, you have even more new platforms that have come about like Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat. In the midst of all this change and new innovation, one thing remains constant. You need an email address to create an account on all of them. As these tools change, improve or go by the wayside, but email remains."

Sure, Millennials use social media, but they use it to be social. When interacting with businesses, they prefer email.

NextWeb offers these suggestions for getting Millennials to open and act on your marketing emails:

  • Content is key: Information has to be relevant and "relatable."
  • Test for the best: Although most emails are sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are opened after 12:00, test to see when your market responds.
  • Check that list twice: Make sure you have updated addresses, and offer emails as "opt-in."
  • Make it mobile: Millennials want information on their phone and main points up front.
  • Click and share: Social share buttons should be tagged to specific content in the email.
  • Special is better: Millennials respond to special discounts and to the word "exclusive."

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Discussion Starters:

  • What's your own experience with email? Are you always connected as these articles suggest?
  • How do you assess the advice for email marketers? With which points do you agree and disagree?