Clorox Apologizes for Emoji Tweet

CloroxBleachTweetOriginalLet's give Clorox's social media manager the benefit of the doubt: no harm was intended with this tweet about bleaching the new, diverse emojis. 

It took me too long to get the intended joke: the emojis are dirty?  

As you might guess, most people took the tweet to mean that darker skin should be whitened. Clorox's explanation doesn't help much: 

Clorox apology





Music? Bathtub? Wine? Sorry, still confusing. 

Response tweets are much funnier: 

  • I can DM my resume if yall need a new social media manager @Clorox
  • .@Clorox social media meeting: "Hey, they added emojis with darker skin color!" "OK, COOL. Tweet a bleaching joke. Make it funny."

Discussion Starters: 

  • Should the Twitter manager have known better? Is the insult obvious or not? 
  • One person tweeted, "If you're offended by Clorox's tweet, just get off of social media and look for actual racism elsewhere. ." What's your view?