Deceiving Hotel Photos

Business Insider has gathered a bunch of deceiving hotel photos and compared them to real pictures taken on site. Some may be Photoshopped, while others may have been taken at creative angles with fancy lenses.

This example shows the pool of the Los Angeles Sofitel. Is it Photoshopped, or is Macy's cut out of the picture by the angle? The Business Insider article show 17 comparisons.

Hotel 1   Hotel 2
Discussion Starters:

  • Some of these show the difference between a "staged" room and one ready for guests; others show different lighting and times of day. How much creativity do you find acceptable for photos posted on a hotel's website?
  • Where's the ethical line here? Which, if any, of these photos do you consider a breach of ethics? Use the ethical decision-making guidelines in Chapter 1 to support your view.