American Airlines Loses Lots of Luggage

American Airlines mishandled luggage-and customer complaints. International Business Times joked that MIA is the code for the Miami airport and now lost luggage as well.

The airline blames the mistake on a technical issue: the conveyor belts weren't working properly, so luggage wasn't loaded onto the plane. Passengers weren't notified until flights landed.

AA tweet

At other airports, travelers report being on hold for an hour and waiting in line for 45 minutes before learning about their lost luggage. 

"We waited another 45 minutes to see a customer service agent to file our locator claim. That was the frustrating part -- American Airlines didn't say anything. You think they would tell us so we're not waiting. We wasted a good hour and a half."

American Airlines representative Joshua Freed gave this statement:

"The system was back online this afternoon and we are working to reunite those bags with our passengers. Should a customer have a question about their delayed bag, they can work with the baggage service office at their destination or call 1-800-535-5225."

Discussion Starters: 

  • Should American Airlines have told passengers about the missing luggage before they boarded the plane, during the flight, or only when they landed? Consider the consequences of each. 
  • What else, if anything, should the company do or say at this point?