Twitter CEO Admits Failures in Addressing Cyberbullying

In two internal discussion posts, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo addressed criticism that the company isn't doing enough to stop cyberbulling.

An employee raised the issue by citing Lindy West, a victim of harassment on Twitter:

"I'm aware that Twitter is well within its rights to let its platform be used as a vehicle for sexist and racist harassment. But, as a private company – just like a comedian mulling over a rape joke, or a troll looking for a target for his anger – it could choose not to. As a collective of human beings, it could choose to be better."

In both posts, Costolo's message is clear: "I take full responsibility."

Costolo tweet 1

Costolo tweet 2

Discussion Starters:

  • What do you see as Twitter's responsibility, and what are the limits?
  • What could the company do to prevent or address cyberbullying?

Discussion Starters: