Metro-North Accident Kills Six

Another Metro-North train accident caused several deaths-this time a collision with an SUV on the tracks in Valhalla, NY. It's unclear why Ellen Brody's car stopped in the train's path, and the driver behind her didn't understand why she didn't back up.

As with other Metro-North incidents, the organization provides service updates, but little human connection. The Metro-North news page only references a collision and provides transportation options. The Twitter feed also posts only service updates.

The MTA CEO did issue this statement: "The entire MTA family's thoughts are with the relatives and loved ones of the victims of last night's tragedy. We are tremendously saddened by this tragic accident, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them."

But the MTA press releases are cold statements of the facts:

MTA press release

Discussion Starters:

  • Should the MTA do anything differently at this point? To be fair, this accident seems out of the organization's control, unlike the derailment in 2013.
  • Compare the New York MTA's response to DC's statement when a woman died of smoke inhalation. What's different? Should the MTA write a similar apology?