McDonald's Latest Emotional Appeal

In yet another attempt to win customers and stave off declining revenue, McDonald's created a clever ad for Game Day. The company's Super Bowl ad is called Pay with Lovin'. If you're one of the lucky few to be selected through February 14, you'll get a free item by, for example, calling your mother to tell her you love her, dancing, or hugging someone.  

A McDonald's spokesperson said, "We want to thank our customers for making our day and hopefully they will make someone else's as well-that's what Lovin' is all about. From selfies, hugs to high fives-we have a bunch of fun ways to express your Lovin'."

Also this week, McDonald's CEO has "retired."

Discussion Starters: 

  • What do you think of the ad and the marketing strategy?
  • What other ideas do you have for McDonald's? How else can the company lure customers to the restaurants with emotional appeal?