Taco Bell Pays Conan O'Brien to Poke Fun

Why would a company hire Conan O'Brien to call a brick "the first experimental taco"? The late-night TV host is known for his "spontaneous," "awkward" humor, and his pitch for Taco Bell is no different.

In a nearly 10-minute video watched on YouTube by 1.4 million people, O'Brien brings the head of his IT department to Taco Bell headquarters for a full tour. They learn some history, watch people taste-testing food, and try new products. After eating a casa lupa, which O'Brien says sounds like a "case of lupus," he fakes a seizure. 

The video is on Conan's site but at the end reads: "Paid Consideration Provided by Taco Bell Corp." 

Discussion Starters:

  • How effective is this Taco Bell promotion? What works well?
  • Do you find it deceiving, or should people know that it's essentially a paid advertisement?