DC MTA Apologizes for a Death

MTA AdUnlike the NY-area MTA when a train derailment killed four people, the Washington, DC, MTA is doing the right thing: apologizing for a death. Smoke filled a subway car, and officials later described communication with emergency personnel as "ineffective or sporadic."

One woman died, and about 80 riders were hospitalized. Some riders say they were trapped for more than 30 minutes before being rescued. Passengers tried to revive the 61-year-old Carol Inman Glover but were unsuccessful. 

A report by the Fire and Medical Emergency Services department details the incident, including transcripts of 911 calls. 

The MTA's apology is interesting in light of pending lawsuits, a common reason for organizations to avoid such displays of humanity. 

Discussion Starters: 

  • Analyze the statement: the choice of a full-page ad in the Washington Post, the word choice, etc. 
  • What principles of report writing from Chapter 10 does the department use in the report? What could improve the report?
  • Read the emails and 911 communications in the report. Any surprises?