JetBlue Etiquette Videos

JetBlue created a series of videos on passenger etiquette, but not everyone thinks they're effective.  


The videos may be entertaining and a good social media conversation starter, but what's the point? A Bloomberg article relays JetBlue's perspective: 

"The JetBlue videos aren't intended to tell customers how to behave, Borromeo said in an interview. The exaggerated examples 'are meant to be fun' and to generate dialog with passengers about their experiences, she said.

"While the carrier would be 'thrilled' if the clips lead to positive behavior changes, 'we're also happy knowing that the video caused some travelers to smile and nod in understanding,' said Morgan Johnston, a spokesman for the carrier."

Critics say the videos should have a happy ending or at least offer suggestions for handling rude behavior on planes. Others say the clips only remind people how annoying it is to fly.

Discussion Starters: 

  • What do you see as the objectives for these videos? Do they achieve their purpose? 
  • How would you suggest passengers handle the situations in these two videos? Consider tactics discussed in Chapter 3 of the book.