Samsung Turns Off ChatOn

Samsung-chaton-2Samsung's instant messaging app, ChatOn, will be discontinued starting February 1, 2015, and phasing out in the United States sometime after. The application has lost too much ground to What'sApp and Facebook Messenger. 

The company imitated BlackBerry Messenger in 2011 after seeing the success of the service, but it didn't last. Based on communications about the app ("Available on multiple platforms!") and the graphic, above, I'm guessing the company had an image problem. Did people think that, like BlackBerry Messenger, ChatOn worked only between Samsung phones?

Facebook's approach was clever. When people downloaded the Facebook app, they had to download Messenger, which now has more than 500 million users. 

Samsung issued this brief statement about the decision: 

"On February 1, 2015, ChatON will be discontinued in all markets except the United States, as we strive to meet evolving consumer needs by focusing on our core services. We remain committed to offering services that cater to our consumers' lifestyles and add value to their everyday lives."

If Samsung issued a news release, I can't find it. The last press release on the company's website is dated September 4. I guess nothing has happened since.

Discussion Starters: 

  • What's your view of Samsung's statement? Does it sound cliché to you? 
  • What app do you use for IM? Have you considered ChatOn? Why or why not?