Gap's Failed "Dress Normal" Campaign

Dress NormalBusiness Insider blames Gap's declining sales on its failed "Dress Normal" campaign. Created by agency Wieden+Kennedy, the ads feature celebrities and push the notion of normal as an individual belief.

According to Gap's press release, "the campaign is rooted in the same core values the brand has unapologetically stood for over the past 45 years – individualism and the liberation that comes from confidently being your most authentic self. Dress Normal boldly instructs individuals to shape their own authentic, personal style – and intentionally challenges every one of us to dress for ourselves."

Criticism started when the campaign was announced and continues today, as Gap sales dropped 4%, in November compared to a 2% increase this time last year. Writers and analysts called the campaign "blah" and "too normal."

Maybe the campaign failed because people couldn't stand the bad grammar.

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of the campaign? Read the press release and look at a few of the photos.
  • Am I being too picky about the grammar?