Goldman's Image Makeover

In the fight for programmers, Goldman Sachs is up against Silicon Valley, known "as the promised land of flip-flops, beanbag chairs, and million-dollar stock options." Potential recruits think of Wall Street firms as stodgy, and they worry they're be stuck in a back office, away from where the real business happens. In part, Goldman is selling its variety of work and clients compared to Silicon Valley, where a Goldman managing director said students might work with only one application.

Goldman website

Goldman is using technology to create a hipper image. A new website shows the role of technology in the company, a Google Hangout connected computer scientists and Goldman recruiters, and short videos were created on these topics:

  • Builders and Innovators Summit
  • Careers
  • Stories of Progress
  • Employee Affinity Groups
  • Citizenship
  • Talks@GS
  • Outlook
  • Our Thinking
  • 25 Ways We Saw the World Change in 2013

In the end, according to the New York Times Dealbook article, recruits may be lured by Goldman's "generous compensation" packages.

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your perception of technology positions on Wall Street compared to Silicon Valley?
  • What is Goldman's best strategy for encouraging applications? Should it focus on image, compensation, or some combination? What would change your thinking about the company?