SeaWorld Twitter Fail

SeaWorld's PR team may be too optimistic. Why would they think this promotional tweet would turn out differently?

Twitter fail from Sea World

Has SeaWorld not yet understood how inextricably the company is associated with orca whale  captivity? The response tweets, such as this one, shamed SeaWord for its attempt to associate with saving whales: "@SeaWorld Those wild caught beluga calves you are trying to import - how did they get captured? Did they volunteer and jump into the nets?" (Louise ‏@MissBrightside9 Sep 15.)

Other tweets reflected similar sentiment:


Discussion Starters:

  • Should SeaWorld have known better than to promote this tweet, or am I too harsh? Maybe people should move on and accept that the company is trying to turn around?
  • Imagine that you're a consultant for SeaWorld. What types of tweets would you recommend they post to try to rebuild the brand?
  • Sam Berg, one of SeaWorld's former trainers interviewed in the movie Blackfish, said that possibly only one of the current whales at the park would be successful in the wild. Should people stop using the hashtag #emptythetanks?