DiGiorno Apologizes for Misused Hashtag

DiGiorno's Twitter manager posted too quickly and apologized profusely. Like many Twitter users, the manager didn't check the meaning behind a hashtag and used it to promote the frozen pizza. #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft were trending about domestic violence-a topic related to the Ray Rice incident.

DiGiornoAfter a predictable onslaught of criticism, DiGiorno's rep did an admiral job of apologizing. The rep sent individual, customized emails to critics.

DiGiorno2The response strategy is a great contrast to Progressive Insurance's approach a couple of years ago. In that situation, the company repeated tweets, inspiring the "robo-tweet" criticism.

Discussion Starters:

  • Find other examples of misused hashtags. (You'll see plenty of them.) In each case, what was the failing, and how well did the company recover?
  • Evaluate each DiGiorno tweet. Why were these considered successful by AdAge and others?